Features that Make Our Site More Accessible

We strive to make our site accessible to everyone. This site is built with accessibility in mind. Testing is performed at every step. We welcome your feedback for anything we may have missed.


  • Logical heading structure: Headings are used in a hierarchical structure on every page. Content is split into easy to digest chunks with a heading that properly describes that block of content.
  • Valid HTML and CSS: All of our code is validated before pushing to production. We strive to keep our code free of errors that may interfere with accessibility.
  • Use of Color: Colors are used for visual design purposes, but never to indicate functionality. All colors used are tested for contrast and validated to at least WCAG 2.0 AA.
  • Links Make Sense Out of Context: All links on this site are titled in a way that make sense out of context. So if you're just tabbing through links, you should be able to understand its destination from the link title alone.
  • Skip to Content: Our "Skip to Content" link is the first link on every page. This link allows keyboard users to skip the top navigation directly to the main content of the page. To access this link, upon page load, press the tab key and this link will appear as the first link on the page. Press enter to skip to the content of the page.

    The "Skip to Content" is the first link focusable on every page.

    Skip to Content link located as the first link focusable on every page.


Since the very nature of this site is to teach web accessibility, we strive to have a site that's accessible for everyone. If you notice an accessibility issue, you can submit it at [email protected]. A response will be sent within one business day. Thank you for your help in making the web accessible!